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Dynamic pilates 

specifically for runners and cyclists 

What PilateswithCherese is all about

Pilates with Cherese gives you an option to choose either group or private classes. Some individuals prefer to have a few private lessons, especially if they are new to Pilates, in order to grasp the more subtle elements of understanding Pilates and their bodies. This is especially beneficial if the person has a specific injury or pre-existing condition that needs attention. Private lessons will give the person modifications of exercises that best suits their needs when they do decide to join a group class. 

group classes or private

about the classes

The classes are done in a series of blocks, in order for the individual to be able to benefit completely from Pilates allowing you to progress more effectively.  The classes are done on a mat with regular use of small light-weight equipment such as triadballs, toning circle and resistance bands.  These classes are less expensive than reformer classes and the added bonus once you learn these exercises you could practice and perfect them at home or when away from home.


Meet Cherese

Cherese, is a professional dancer and Advance mat Pilates Instructor. Her qualifications include a 1st BA Hons degree in Theatre Dance, Beginners to Advance Matwork through Body Control Pilates, Ante & Post Natal Pilates. She specializes in Hypermobility and Scoliosis in people, Pilates for dancers, runners and cyclists as well as pre and post natal Pilates.  She has extensive experience in dealing with clients in back pain.  She has taught Pilates for 6 years alongside her successful career as a dancer, she believes the two marry well together and has given her classes a gentle flow with precision to movement and a focus on correct muscle recruitment and endurance. 


This Pilates class is faster paced introducing some plyometric. This class is specifically designed to challenge and improve balance, control and mobility which every runner or cyclist needs to better their performance and minimise injury. Posture is one of the most influential factors in sport and in this class we will aim to identify the areas of weakness and so hope to improve on your gait cycle.